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Now you can purchase beautiful heirlooms from experienced Amish women (Sarah & Elizabeth) and me but at a fraction of a cost. Our mission statement is "We will sell our quilts at the lowest price so that everyone can own a beautiful masterpiece "made-in-the USA" and pass it on down to coming generations. We want to share with you the beauty of our quilts that will last forever. These are all handstitched and machine made quilts. Once you receive your quilt you will appreciate the time and love that goes into making each beautiful masterpiece. We enjoy making these quilts so that you can enjoy owning one.
Each one has a story which only the maker knows. I hope you will have an interest in purchasing one of our beautiful Amish creations. We would love the opportunity to share/sell these quilts to people who appreciate the craftmanship and beauty of them for a cost that is not much more over my cost. You can now own one of these beautiful heirlooms and then can be passed to the next generation. We offer a payment of to help you in owning a beautiful quilt. Just let me know if we can assist you. Hope to hear from you soon.